vrijdag 9 november 2012

Wool coat

Today I went to Artis after school. Artis is a zoo in the centre of Amsterdam ( for the one's who don't knew this). I was wearing my wool
Coat and my long wool scarf a black thight with a black dress ( you don't see the dress on the pictures!).

To visit Artis was a suprise of my boyfriend. He picked me up after school to go to Artis. It was some quality time together after this busy week at school.

Love, Joyce

donderdag 8 november 2012

First Design

I finally got my first design mission. I am so happy. I will show you the first pictures of my design. What do you think about my creations?

I am sorry for don't post for so long. It's because of the many school work and the bad weather. I hope to show you as soon as possible an outfit post and my catwalk post with my first design. In three weeks I have to show my design at school and I'm already nervous! hihi.

Love, Joyce

vrijdag 2 november 2012


Last Tuesday I went to Tilburg with school to visit two different musea. The first one was textile museum and the second one was the Pont. In the textile museum was also an exhibition of  Jan Taminiau. I have taken many photo's in the museum but from the exhabition of Jan Taminiau you may not take any pictures. But I can show you the rest of my picutures!

Love, Joyce