vrijdag 14 september 2012

FNO Vogue Nederland

Yesterday evening it was Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. The evening starts with a fashion show at the Bijenkorf. After that I went to the vogue shop to buy a vogue t-shirt and if you want to you can ask the brand Avelon to customized your shirt! And I did!!! 

Around 21:00 we went to the P.C Hoofdstraat. We took a special Fashion Night Out taxi. We walked around at the PC. We visit Mulberry, Shoebaloo and the Douglas. We were a bit late so after visiting those three shops the other shops were already closed:( 

But next year I go again!!

 The team of Vogue

 The Fashion show.

 The people from the brand Avelon customized my vogue t-shirt!

My Mulberry Balloon!

Love, Joyce 

zondag 9 september 2012

Big icecrean

Today the weather was so good! I never thought the weather will be so good this days. This morning I had to work. After work I had dinner with my family in law. After dinner we eat a very big icecream. I was wearing my peplum shirt and a light pink short and my black loafers. 

Love, Joyce

vrijdag 7 september 2012

Special Dinner

Yesterday evening I had dinner with the family of my boyfriend. We had dinner in a restaurant with al kind of food. From pizza to sushi. Something for everyone! You could eat whatever you wanted. We had dinner because we celebrate the 49 years of marriage from the grandparents of my boyfriend. It was a great evening.

I was wearing something my printed pants form H&M with my black blouse from H&M to. My loafers are from New Look and the bag from Forever 21. I really love this outfit in particular, the pants and the bag.

I am sorry the pictures are very bad because I took them inside and the lights where not good enough. 

Love, Joyce

dinsdag 4 september 2012

Second Lesson Day at AMFI

Today I was wearing my long burgundy skirt. The weather was great. I was happy to wear my skirt for another time because I think this was one of the last opportunities. Today was my second lesson day at AMFI. 

Love, Joyce

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zondag 2 september 2012

Castel The Haar

Today I went to castel The Haar with my boyfriend. This castel is a very special place because the parents of my boyfriend are married there> It's a very old castel and it is so beautiful!! We walked around with a guide who was telling us something about the history of this building.

I was wearing a simple and warm outfit. Because the weather was not so good! And we also have walked a while outside because the garden of the castel is very beautiful to!!

Liefs, Joyce