donderdag 31 mei 2012

Give away

My lovely, lovely, lovely people !  I've wanted to thank You so so much for confidence, which You give me, for all of this comments, lovely words and for all what are You doing for me. You have no idea how Your support makes me happy. That's why I will give one of you this beautiful earrings.

What You have to do:
- follow my blog by Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin
- like my facebook page HERE
- write your email in comments under this post

Good luck people ! This give away takes to 15-06-2012

Love, Joyce

woensdag 30 mei 2012

New Necklace

I will show you my new necklace. I bought this necklace a few days ago in a small jeweller. The colour of this necklace is Rose. I think it is a very nice colour. 

Love, Joyce

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Evening Outfit

Yesterday evening I attended the broadcast of Knevel & van den Brink. I was wearing a simple chique outfit. 

Love, Joyce

maandag 28 mei 2012

Festival Outfit

Today I went to a festival with a friend of my and my boyfriend. The name of the festival is Ajoc and its a festival in my home town.

Love, Joyce

zondag 27 mei 2012

A day at the Amsterdam Woods

Today I went to the Amsterdam Woods with my boyfriend. To have a relaxing day in the Sun. I had so much fun and I enjoy the sun so much!

I was wearing my short pants from the Monki with a white top with a little lace detail. And one of my favorite bracelets.

At the farm.

Love, Joyce

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

New in: Perfect Shoes

I almost bought new Shoes. I think this shoes are perfect when you have to walk a while and you don't want to have hurtful feeds. But you still have a Stiletto!!

What do you think about my new shoes?

Love, Joyce

vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Beautiful Day

Today was a very beautiful day. I went to the Albert Cuyp market with my little sister. We had so much fun and the weather was very nice. I like this temperatures so much! What have you done today?

I was wearing my short jeans with a white top and my new black bag. Which I got from my boyfriend because I passed my exams. In my hair I was wearing a cute her band with little flowers.

Love, Joyce

woensdag 23 mei 2012


Yeah it is almost summer. It is around the 30 degrees. That means shorts,skirts and dresses without tights. I have a little vacation now, because I have achieved my exams, I am so happy. I only have to do a conversation with a teacher and someone from the business. And than I have my Diploma!!! So I have enough time to enjoy this weather.

 What I was wearing:
Shirt: H&M
Short: Zara (old collection)
Bracelet: Primark

Love, Joyce

dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Vogue Bag

Today I received this Vogue bag with the newest Dutch Vogue. This bag is made by Piet Paris. 

Love, Joyce

zondag 20 mei 2012

Blue Trouser

I bought this Blue trouser one year ago at the Supertrash store in Amsterdam. But today I wear it for the first time. The trouser was already a year in my closet. The card itself, was still there!!! But from now I have to wear it more times.

Today it is almost sunny. So I can show you sunny pictures. I am happy!

What I was wearing:
Blouse: Bershka
Trouser: Supertrash
Shoes: Unknown (I bought them yesterday in Haarlem)

Love, Joyce

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Liebster Blog

Today I received the award called "Liebster Blog" (my favorite blog) from a kind girl from the Netherlands. Make sure you visit her lovely blog: . I was so glad to hear that she mentioned my blog in her favorite blog list!

How to:

If you get an award...
... make a post in which you post the "Liebster-Blog" photo and the instruction ( the text you're reading now)
... create a link to the person's blog, who gave you the award and inform her/him with a comment on her/his blog that you accepted the award and leave a link to your award-post.
... think of 3-5 bloggers you want to give the award to and tell them in a comment that they're taaged and leave the link with your post where the instruction is showed.

Dear bloggers: The aim of this award is, to make unknown, but good blogs more famous. So please, don't award people who have already 3 000 followers to make sure that talented beginners and guys who are already blogging for a while, but aren't so famous yet, have a chance! According to Maria, the favorites need to have less than 200 followers.

My favorite bloggers / links are:
3. Fashion&More                                   
4. Little writer wrote                                    
5. Wandering Heart                                   

New black bag

Today I bought this new black bag. The bag can used on two different ways. As you can see on the two pictures.

Love, Joyce

Sunny Day

Today it was a great sunny day! Amost SUNSUNSUN!! I go to Haarlem with my boyfriend for shopping. I was wearing my new jacket from Josh V. I am very happy with this jacket. I bought it yesterday.

What I was wearing:
Jacket: Josh V
Shirt: HEMA
Jeans: Zara
Belt: Esprit
Shoes: Alysa
Bag: Primark

Love, Joyce

vrijdag 18 mei 2012


Today I went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. To visit the House Of Bols. Do you know Bols? The House of Bols is an cocktail and genever experience. You can learn more about Bols and you can smell and taste al the different flavours. It was a great day.

woensdag 16 mei 2012

Red vest

Today I am wearing my new red vest. The great summer collor. I can't wait till the summer. But now I have to deal with this weather...

Love, Joyce