vrijdag 14 september 2012

FNO Vogue Nederland

Yesterday evening it was Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. The evening starts with a fashion show at the Bijenkorf. After that I went to the vogue shop to buy a vogue t-shirt and if you want to you can ask the brand Avelon to customized your shirt! And I did!!! 

Around 21:00 we went to the P.C Hoofdstraat. We took a special Fashion Night Out taxi. We walked around at the PC. We visit Mulberry, Shoebaloo and the Douglas. We were a bit late so after visiting those three shops the other shops were already closed:( 

But next year I go again!!

 The team of Vogue

 The Fashion show.

 The people from the brand Avelon customized my vogue t-shirt!

My Mulberry Balloon!

Love, Joyce 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hele leuke foto's, helaas kon ik niet gisteravond had er graag bij willen zijn en nu ik deze foto's zie al helemaal! Leuk verslag :)

    LOVE BO,

  2. Nu ben ik wel heel benieuwd naar hoe je shirt uiteindelijk is geworden, binnenkort in een outfit-post misschien?(:
    De foto's zien er verder erg leuk uit!

  3. Ik vind het hele leuke foto's! Ziet er erg leuk uit allemaal :)

  4. Echt gaaf om zo te zien!


  5. I love your blog! You have a new follower! I hope you follow me:)


  6. so cool. oh i love those shoes.