maandag 23 april 2012

Lace Short

Today I wear also a short pants. I thinks this one is very cute. I really like the lace fabric.

Today my boyfriend and I are 2,5 year together. And he bought this beautiful red roses for me. How cute!!

The lovely roses form my boyfriend!

What I was wearing:
Shirt: Vero Moda| Short: H&M| Shoes: Fabs| Bracelet: Noosa Amsterdam

Love, Joyce

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  1. Lovely outfit! and such a pretty shorts :) xo akiko
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  2. This short is pretty cute! What do you think about following each other? Check out my blog:

  3. This is really cool! I love Utrecht! This was such a nice city:) yeah I follow you back on google and bloglovin xx

  4. I can't find where I can follow you on google..? xx

  5. You have a great blog, i just now followed you, if you want i will be thankful if you follow back. I wish you a great day and keep the good work on your blog ! Kisses

  6. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  7. I can't find where I can follow you on google :(

  8. I found! I followed you :) Follow back?

  9. I am starting to be obsessed with lace shorts! I love yours!

  10. Hee buurmeisje!
    Wat leuk dat je een eigen blog hebt!
    Ik zag gister al dat hij met rode rozen aan kwam lopen, erg lief!;)

    Veel plezier met je blog!
    Xxx Nadine

    1. Heey Nadien,

      Hahaha ja lief he:) Ik vond het wel grappig want ze paste ook perfect bij mijn outfit;)

      Zie je snel!
      Liefs, Joyce