vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

Studded pants

Today we went to Amsterdam to visit my nephew and a friend of my. Both live on their own in Amsterdam. First we visit my nephew. Drank something and watched the Olympic games. At 5 o'clock we left and went to my friend to have nice dinner at her home. I enjoyed this day so much.

For today I was wearing my new studded pants from Zara. With a white top from Supertrash. I love this pants so much. Finally I found a studded pants.

 What I was wearing:
Shirt: Supertrash
Bandeau: Primark
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Unknow
Watch: Lucardi

Love, Joyce

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I really love your jeans! :D i want a pair.



  2. wat een gave broek is dat zeg!! en je sandalen zijn ook super mooi! heb je een leuke vakantie gehad?