maandag 22 oktober 2012

My birthday celebration

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my family and my best friend. I have post a lot of pictures on my Instagram page but I want to share them here to. I enjoyed the day so much. My little sister had made two delicious cakes for me and my family. Everyone thought they were delicious! After eating cake with coffee or tea we had dinner with the whole family. It was nice to be together. And I've got lots of nice gift. I want to thank everybody. 

Tomorrow is my real birthday and then I have lunch with my parents, sister, her friend and my friend. I'm already looking forward to it!

 Some explanation about the pictures:

 1. Gift from my parents to dress customizable.
2.The decoration in the house
3. Ring from Ted Baker. ( gift from my boy)
4. Collier from DjiDji ( gift from my little sister)
5. Me and my little sister.
6. Cake made by my little sister
7. Collier and box ( Gift from my grandmother& grandfather)
8. Cake also made by my little sister  

Love, Joyce 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Alvast gefeliciteerd :)!!
    Ziet er uit als een top feestje, leuke cadeaus en de taarten zien er jummie uit.

    LOVE BO,

  2. Alvast gefeliciteerd!! Zo te zien heb je het leuk gehad?! Je ketting is mooi:)

  3. àlvast gefeliciteerd! lijkt me een gezellige dag!