woensdag 27 juni 2012

Welcome back Sun!

After so many rainy days the sun was shining. It makes me happy to wear this top. He was waiting for so long in my closet. I took this pictures yesterday. Today the weather is again so bad!! :(

Love, Joyce

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie outfit en je hebt echt een knap gezichtje :)

  2. Mooie outfit, lekker zomers zo'n top! Liefs

  3. Wat een leuke blouse!! en je schoenen zijn ook mooi met die dikke hak!

  4. Lovely look! I've got the same blouse from H&M (yours too, right?) and I love it! Except that I have taking it in a larger size to make it even longer behind! hihihi!

    The Brunette Complex.